The Wrong Lens

Yesterday evening was quite a nice evening, mostly clear sky with some interesting clouds hanging around. So, because of this, I decided to head out with the Lubitel like I'd done a couple of nights earlier. During that previous run out I'd seen a shot I thought might work with the Tamron AF 55-200 and the EOS 400D so I took the 400D's kit lens off and put the Tamron on.

Because I don't have any sort of lens bag (yet) I did what I'd normally do: I put the kit lens in the Tamron box. I then grabbed the Lubitel, the tripod and the 400D and headed out.

I managed to use up the last couple of shots on the roll in the Lubitel (and it's now in the post, on its way to be processed and scanned by my friendly Scottish landscape photographer) and also took a couple of shots of a developing storm using the 400D. At that point I was wishing I'd left the kit lens on so I could get a wider angle, but I just about managed at 55mm.

I then drove to just outside Pointon to have a go at the shot I'd seen a couple of days before (a long shot of St. Andrew's Church). Having tried that, and got another shot of another developing storm, I started to head home.

Part of the way back I noticed another storm that was doing really well, nice anvil shape on top and everything. It was at this point I found myself wishing that I hadn't left the 400D's kit lens at home. A nice wide-angle shot of the storm above the fens would have been perfect, but there was no way I was going to manage it with the Tamron.

So, lesson for next time: either take both lenses out with me, even if I am just "popping around the corner", or at least take the PowerShot G9 as a backup.


  1. I totally understand Dave. I have just bought a new lens to replace the kit lens and hgave gone for a Sigma 18-200 so that its versatile. Im off overseas in a few days and this way i won't need to be changing lenses.

  2. Nice! That sounds like a really useful range.