Second Roll of Colour Images From the Holga

Following on from yesterday's set of images, I've now finished processing and uploading the results from the second roll of Fuji Provia 400X through the Holga 120GN:

Orange Swing

Holga Sunsets

Folkingham Road


Somewhere Near Birthorpe

Overall I'm please with the results from both rolls of 400X. I'll be using it, and the Holga, some more at some point soon.


First Colour Images From the Holga 120GN

Holga 120GNI've just finished processing and uploading images taken on the first roll of Fuji Provia 400X that I've put through the Holga 120GN. On the whole the results are okay. Some of the shots were a little over-exposed (I've "rescued" them with a little extreme and "Holgaesque" post-processing) but that's to be expected if you head out in bright sunlight with ISO 400 film (even at f/13). Those with a keen eye will note that there's only 11 images in the sets that follow rather than 12. One of them is a family photo so doesn't go on the site.

Morning Walk In Bourne


Oseby Lane

Industrial Landscape


Find Another Use


Objects In Space

A little departure from the norm for me. A set of photographs, but not taken with any of my cameras. I decided to start a series of still life images using my ageing flatbed scanner as the camera. The result is Objects In Space.


Sunset Walk Last Night

Last night I took the EOS 400D and the Holga 120GN out for a walk up the road to Birthorpe and back. Along the way I managed to capture some fairly dramatic skies. You can see the 400D results over here — you'll have to wait for the Holga results, obviously. :-)