Out with the Lomo Lubitel 166B

I can tell that we're well into spring now. I can finish work, do the things that need to be done once work is finished, and still have time to get out and about before the Sun has set.

Yesterday evening I took a drive out with the Lomo Lubitel 166B with a view to finishing off the Fuji film I've currently got in it (the same film that has the shots of Normanton Church Museum). I only managed to get two shots off before the Sun set (I guess that's what happens if you just take a drive and see what you can find — although I did manage to find a couple of locations that I might shoot at another time) but, at one location, I did take a shot of the Lubitel "in action":

Click for bigger version

Well, I say "in action", that was after I'd taken a shot. You can tell that by the fact that I'd put the lens cap back on and I totally forgot to remove it for this shot. D'oh!

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