First outing with the Tamron AF 55-200mm

My New ToyEarlier on today, what with it actually being a nice day for a change, I took a brief walk around the village and took the Canon EOS 400D plus the Tamron AF 55-200mm. Other than a couple of test shots to make sure it worked when I got it I've not had the chance to give it a go yet.

I'm pretty happy with the results. It took a little bit of getting used to, what with me not being used to using such long focal lengths on the 400D (not to mention the fact that I'm sure the zoom works in the opposite direction of the kit lens that came with the 400D — I must check that), but overall it was a joy to use.

Tamron AF 55-200mm Test - SpireTamron AF 55-200mm Test - Five TreesTamron AF 55-200mm Test - Forked
Tamron AF 55-200mm Test - Trees on the FenTamron AF 55-200mm Test - Concentric
Tamron AF 55-200mm Test - Vane
Tamron AF 55-200mm Test - Two Plus Three

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