CoolIris with RedBubble's Featured Works

Having started playing with CoolIris yesterday and having had some success, and with the thread that started this all off in the first place in mind, I thought it might be fun to mock up how things might look if RedBubble provided a feed that CoolIris could use.

So, I fired up GNU emacs and knocked out a quick and dirty variation on getrbart that created a "Media RSS" feed for the first 10 pages of the featured pages. The result looks like this:

If you have Cooliris installed in your browser you can see what the result looks like by visiting this page and kicking off CoolIris.

Thanks go to Bobbie for helping to test it.

Rutland Water South Shore

The final set of photographs from last week. After spending most of the day messing about on the water we took a drive round to the south shore of Rutland Water and, while I was there, I took a small set of photographs:

South Shore Rocks

South Shore



CoolIris with www.davep.org

Having previously added CoolIris support to my RedBubble wrapper site I decided to go ahead and add it to my main photography site. Because of the way things work over there it took a little more effort but, now, I've got it working:

For those interested in the technical details: I obviously didn't want to create one honking great RSS feed of every photograph on my site, that'd be far too much data moving around all in one go. Thankfully the advanced developer documentation (note: no direct link to the documentation in question — fancy JS tricks are fun for some things but for documentation? Meh!) points out that a feed file can have next and previous links so I could create a feed for each individual album and they could all point to the previous or next albums.

The nice thing about this is when you're viewing an album and you hit the CoolIris button in your toolbar you're taken to the part of the wall that's displaying those images. Then, as you move about, the wall grows in the direction you're moving in, following those previous and next links.

I'm now toying with the idea of adding a MediaRSS feed generator tool to RBArtMan. Extra (X)HTML hacking would be needed to make it all work on people's own sites but it would mean that most of the grunt work would be done for them. I'm not making any promises, it's all down to available time.

Rutland Watersports

Last Friday, the day after getting back from camping in Norfolk, we all headed out to Rutland Water with some kayaks and spent a large part of the day messing about on the reservoir.

Before I got wet I took some photographs around the shore: Rutland Watersports.

Messing with CoolIris

I've been meaning to have a play with CoolIris (previously known as PicLens) for a while now and this thread over in the RedBubble forums prompted me to have a look (mostly because there was a link to the developer information — how could I resist?).

I had a quick read of the information and managed to quickly add the required feed to my Photography by Dave Pearson site (the one I created a short while back as a way of using my RedBubble art list exporting tool). I installed the extension into my copy of Firefox and right away I had a funky 3D wall of my photography on RedBubble.


I then did a little more reading and had a quick play with the "Lite" version of CoolIris. This is more or less a in-browser slideshow tool. That took a little more work (it didn't want to auto-discover the feed so I had to tell it where to look using the feedUrl option) but, soon enough, I had that working too. So far I've tested it in Safari and Opera (on Windows) and it seems to work fine. To see it in action, in a browser that doesn't have the CoolIris software installed, just click on the "Slideshow" option in the menu of my site.

I might have to have a look at adding this sort of feed to my other sites.


Normal for Norfolk

I went camping in Norfolk for a few days last week and, as you'd imagine, I took the cameras along. I've now finished processing the shots and uploading the various albums to my photography site. The different albums are:


CRT Assemblage Redux

Having had a play with the idea a couple or so weeks back I had another play just before I went on holiday:


Rutland Water - 2008-08-03

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Rutland Water and, while my wife and son went for a short cycle ride, I spent some time wandering around the water's edge with my EOS 400D, PowerShot G9 and Lubitel 166B.

The Lubitel shots (three of them) will obviously be posted a lot later (there's another nine shots to be taken to finish that roll) but I have published the other shots from yesterday.

This is the second trip I've made there (the first was back on 12th April this year) and the weather wasn't that much different. Less rain than the last time, but still very cloudy and windy. I wouldn't mind actually getting down there during a fair day some time.