Lincolnshire Links

It's almost six months since I started using RedBubble and, in that time, I've slowly been sorting out my other photography pages so that they link into it.

Initially I had my main site linking in (including links from individual images like this) and then, just recently, I created a front end called Photography by Dave Pearson.

The one site that was missing out on this was Lincolnshire Photography. While I did have a set of links to my prints of Lincolnshire this was nothing more than a pointer to a specific tag on my RedBubble account. What I was missing was links from the individually available works.

Now I've done this. The site will display a list of prints of Lincolnshire and each individual work that is available also has a direct link to the RedBubble page for that work (like this for example).


More Lubitel Photographs

I've just recently received the results of the latest film I put through my Lomo Lubitel 166B. Once again they've come out pretty good (and once again thanks go to Tim Haynes for processing and scanning the film).

The images from the film include:

Now that I've got the hang of the camera I think it's time to try some colour. I've ordered a couple of rolls of Fuji Provia 100F. I'll be interesting to see what I get out of that.


New Site (and a RedBubble hack)

A few days ago I knocked up a quick ruby script for exporting a list of my photographic works on RedBubble. This was, to some degree, a solution looking for a problem.

One "problem" I was toying with was to do something with a domain I recently acquired. Yesterday evening I knocked up some quick and dirty php code and had the start of working site up and running. The site is, obviously, based around an exported list of works from RedBubble and, in essence, is simply a front end of sorts for my RedBubble account.

It still needs some work, it'll probably be an ongoing project but, for now, here's the first version of Photography by Dave Pearson.