It's been a while

Erm, yeah, erm, hello.... it's been a while hasn't it?

It's not that I've fallen off the net. Neither is it that I've given up on enjoying any of the subjects that this blog dealt with (mostly things to do with photography). Mostly I've let this blog lapse because things like twitter became so much bigger and it was easier to write about stuff there (albeit very short writing) than here.

A few things have gone on since I last blogged. I upgraded my dSLR (now using a 50D along with the 400D). I got myself a Polaroid and started playing with Impossible Project film. I finally got myself a rangefinder camera and had a play with that. I set myself up with a digital Holga setup, of sorts (it's the new use for the 400D). I've also found that my photography has slowed down. It's not that I've lost interest, far from it, but I have slowed down a little. Whereas I'd be shooting and uploading every week (to my main site, I still photoblog from the phone a fair bit), I might only do something once a month, or every other month.

The big change of late is that I got on to Google+. Oddly, having done so has made me think about writing and blogging again. Twitter was and is too seductive -- it's so easy to bang out something sub-140-chars and be done with it. Using Google+ has got me writing things out at a little more length again, and so made me wonder about this neglected blog.

I can't say I'll be posting here lots again, my Google+ stream will probably be the place where I wrote most. But I think it is about time that I look to using this for better-formatted bodies of text (along with images) and linking to it from twitter and G+.

Fingers crossed...