Billingborough Snow

We've had a fair bit of snow this week, something that's pretty rare in this part of the UK. So, today, I couldn't resist heading out with the camera to take some shots when the snow let up: Billingborough Snow.


Lensbaby Muse Case

Lensbaby Muse on EOS 400DI've been getting on pretty well with my Lensbaby Muse, so well that I've actually made a point of taking it off the 400D for now to stop me shooting everything with it (really, I'm not kidding).

Lensbaby Muse Case #1Having done this, I got to thinking: generally, when I go out to shoot, I tend to pick a lens and stick with it for the day. On the whole this works well and the fact that I do this is reflected in the fact that I don't actually have any lens cases for any of my lenses. The Lensbaby sort of throws this idea out though. It's the sort of lens that doesn't work for every shot but it's also the sort of lens you want to hand for those shots you see that cry out for the Lensbaby treatment.

Lensbaby Muse Case #2So I decided to get a case for it. Turns out the Muse has a case available for it and so I ordered one last week and it turned up last Saturday. I'm very impressed with it too. I was expecting something "squishy" but it's actually very rigid. It feels like you could drive over it and it would survive (I'm not suggesting you could, I'm just saying it feels like it — if you want to try that then all the usual disclaimers apply ;-)). Even better, it's not much bigger than the lens itself and, because of this, it means the whole thing easily fits into a (large) coat pocket — very handy!

And, as a bonus, it's a perfect snug fit for the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II.