A day in the Lincolnshire Wolds

Last Sunday was the first day of really nice warm and sunny weather we've had since, well, since forever (okay, slight exaggeration, but only a week earlier we had snow on the ground). So, given that the forecast looked pretty good for the whole day we decided to ignore all the stuff that needed doing around the house and, instead, we took a drive up into the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Of course, I took a camera or two (I took the Canon EOS 400D and the Lomo Lubitel 166B — I got through ½ a film with the latter so no images from that just yet).

I ended up taking a handful of images in Horncastle and later on in the afternoon, after we'd had some lunch, we ended up near the village of Fulletby.

It was a pretty nice day out and it convinced me that I really need to get up to the Wolds more often.

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