Fisheye and Flash

After having some fun with the 38mm super-wide lens for my Diana+ I decided, late on last year, to also get the fisheye lens. So far I've not had the chance to use it but I aim to correct that pretty soon.

I mention this because, earlier this week, I took delivery of yet another extra for the Diana+: a flash. Here's the Diana+ with the fisheye lens and the flash attached:

Fisheye and Flash

The flash is rather clever. As well as working on the Diana+ (with it's two-prong connector) it comes with an adaptor for the usual hot shoe connection you find on many cameras. This means it'll work with my Lubitel 166B and, I imagine, my Holga 120GN. I'm also wondering if it'll work with any of my digital cameras too (no, I can't think of a reason why I'd want it to either — but it would look funny).

I'm looking forward to the chance to get to use the flash now.


seen by davep v1.2

Back in October last year I used Blurb to produce a book based on the content of my photoblog. Having been very pleased with how it turned out I decided to do one every time the blog contained enough material. A couple of weeks back I had enough material to produce a second book. Here it is:

A geek and his mob...
By Dave Pearson

My copy is on order and should be with me in a couple of weeks. Really looking forward to having a printed "collection" of the content of the blog.


White Horses by Juliet R. Harrison

It started with this tweet from @ShutterBetty. You see that stuff all the time on twitter, of course. "Follow this", "retweet that", "use this hash tag" and... get some thing for free. Possibly. But probably not really.

But I took a look at the account in question, saw it was an account for a photographer, liked what I saw, and decided to follow anyway. And before I did I could see she had 1,000 followers. After I did the follow it went up to 1,001. I did find myself wondering "will this work then? what if someone else now unfollows? what if I look like I'm only #1,000, etc..."

I needn't have worried.

And, sure enough, less than two weeks later, this landed on my doormat:

So, I just wanted to say a big thank you to @lecheval. It was a very sweet thing to do, and I really am loving the book. I'm not really one for doing reviews, I generally don't have the words to describe books and people's art in that way, but this is currently in the pile of photography books that I look at on a regular basis.

If you'd like to have a look for yourself go visit the preview over on Blurb. If you really like what you see you can order a copy from here.