Dusty mixup

This advert seems to be all over the TV at the moment.

Is it really an accident that the "dustballs" have more than a passing resemblance to User Friendly's Dust Puppy?


Dawkins in geek slur shocker

Today's Independent has an amusing Q&A with Richard Dawkins, many of the questions, and answers, had me smiling.

But I've got to take issue with the following:

How did a science geek like you get such an attractive wife? GARY HAMMOND, London

I suggest you go to salon.com, type "The Sexiest Man Living" in the search box and eat your words. But seriously (of course you knew there had to be a "but seriously"), science has an image problem with young people, and phrases like "science geek" don't help. Isn't it a bit like "kraut" or "dago"?
No, geek has an image problem, applying geek to a fan of all things science isn't the problem.