Idiotic vandalism

There's always some idiot who apparently gets enjoyment out of mindless vandalism:

This isn't a one-off either, it's a regular occurrence. Almost as soon as the bins are fished out of the pond and placed back in use they're back in the pond again. You'd think it would get boring after a while.

You can see more pictures of this idiotic vandalism in my photo album.


Holy Grit!

It's that crazy time of year again, when Lincolnshire blesses the grit.

"The gritting lorries are very visible on the county's roads, but their work is often taken for granted," said Dr Saxbee, who wrote the prayer for the ceremonies.
I wonder what he means exactly by "taken for granted"? Do I assume that it will be done? Yes, of course, I do, I pay the taxes required to make it happen and, big surprise, I expect the council to keep up their end of the bargain.
It is the fourth time the blessings have been held.
And, yet, road deaths in Lincolnshire this year are up on last year. Does he really think anyone is listening to him?


New look

I've moved all of my blogs over to the new Blogger beta system and, wanting to have a play with some of the new features, and not wanting currently to disturb my astronomy blog or my weather blog, I've decided to make this one the "test blog" for all the new stuff.

Hence the new template. Don't be surprised to see it change lots over the next week or so as I get to grips with what the new Blogger has to offer.


Far from home

Seen while waiting to be picked up from Grantham station: