Over-Processing can be fun

Most of my photography, at least the images that don't get turned into black and white images, end up going on my website more or less as-is. Sure, like most people, I dabble with the curves and sharpen things up a little, that sort of thing; but mostly they remain looking more or less true to what was originally shot.

Not that I'm opposed to lots of post-processing, far from it. Sometimes the results can end up looking very attractive. I think the following might be a case in point (it works for me anyway):

As I type this my friend Tim is scanning the latest film from my Lubitel 166B. He threw a jpeg of the first scan over to me to have a look at (and it looks nice) and I had a quick mess around with it in Photoshop Elements. Not a deliberate attempt to produce something, just an idle play.

And this is what happened:

Arty Storm
Click for bigger version

And I quite liked it.

While I wouldn't actually go with the above as the finished product of that shot (it looks nothing like the original and is horribly over-processed), I liked it enough that it was worth a quick upload. Once I've got the scanned tiff file I might even work on a version like this.

The shadow behind the cloud is a really nice detail. I hadn't even noticed that before I over-processed it.

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