Going RedBubble

I've been using RedBubble for a couple of weeks now and, so far, I'm still impressed. It has some rough edges, I can see some technical problems with the way it works, not nothing terrible and nothing I don't expect to be ironed out at some point in the near future.

More importantly, as a tool for allowing people to acquire prints of some of my photographs, it's already streets ahead of Photobox (who I've been using since the start of the year). Not only does the site look nicer, and not only does it work in a far more sensible way when it comes to presenting images, it's undergoing constant development whereas the "pro album" side of Photobox seems to have become stagnant.

Because of this I've switched the "print available" system on my site to point to the images over on RedBubble. I'm also linking to it from my Lincolnshire photography site and the main source of prints should anybody want one.



The other day a friend created herself an account on RedBubble and then pointed me at it. After a little bit of arm-twisting I created one too.

So far I'm generally impressed. As I thought it would be it's kind of like Flickr but with the added extra of providing facilities for selling cards, prints and t-shirts. For me it's a little like having PhotoBox meet Flickr and cover the UK, OZ and the US while doing so.