I want a Canon PowerShot G9.

That's it. I want one.

What I Like

Clown 2Yesterday I went through all the images in my Flickr account and had a proper look at them in terms of what I like. Flickr is handy for getting to know what other people find interesting from your images (and also which appear interesting amongst everything on Flickr) but deciding what I like from my own work is a totally different matter.

Sunset SilhouetteIt's over six months now since I got my Canon EOS 400D and I've shot a lot of photographs (I'm not far off having 1,000 400D images online). Many of them are just "snapshots", records of where I've been and what I've done, but some are attempts at creating a photograph just for the sake of creating a photograph. I think I can see improvement. I think I'm slowly getting the hang of using the camera. I think, so far, I'm generally happy with what I've produced.