First outing with the Tamron AF 55-200mm

My New ToyEarlier on today, what with it actually being a nice day for a change, I took a brief walk around the village and took the Canon EOS 400D plus the Tamron AF 55-200mm. Other than a couple of test shots to make sure it worked when I got it I've not had the chance to give it a go yet.

I'm pretty happy with the results. It took a little bit of getting used to, what with me not being used to using such long focal lengths on the 400D (not to mention the fact that I'm sure the zoom works in the opposite direction of the kit lens that came with the 400D — I must check that), but overall it was a joy to use.

Tamron AF 55-200mm Test - SpireTamron AF 55-200mm Test - Five TreesTamron AF 55-200mm Test - Forked
Tamron AF 55-200mm Test - Trees on the FenTamron AF 55-200mm Test - Concentric
Tamron AF 55-200mm Test - Vane
Tamron AF 55-200mm Test - Two Plus Three


More Geeking Out With Exif

Back in May last year I knocked up some code to generate some (pointless) stats taken from the Exif data of my photographs.

The other day I found the Google charts API and got to thinking that it might be (pointless) fun to knock something up that used it to generate some charts from the stats. A little bit of PHP hacking later and I've now got a page of totally pointless charts to go along with the totally pointless graphs.


Tamron AF 55-200mm is Here

Well that was quick! Ordered Friday, turned up Monday:

My New Toy

Just over a year to double the lens collection for the EOS 400D.


Tamron AF 55-200mm f4.5-5.6 Di II LD

Having got some money as xmas gifts I decided to spend it on something for the Canon EOS 400D. At first I wasn't sure what but then I saw an advert or two in Amateur Photographer where the price of the Tamron AF 55-200mm f4.5-5.6 Di II LD had come down quite a bit.

I read a review or two (especially this one) and, from what I can gather, it's a reasonable lens. Given that I'm currently working with the 400D's kit lens it couldn't be any worse (the kit lens isn't terrible, but I'm starting to notice why some people don't like it) and from what I've read it's slightly better. And, obviously, the nice thing about the Tamron is that it starts where the kit lens leaves off in terms of focal length.

I found one on Amazon.co.uk so I've gone ahead and ordered it.

The main problem I had when trying to decide was the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II. It would, of course, have served a different purpose from the Tamron and, from everything I've read, it's a very nice bit of kit. But, for now anyway, I think I'll go for range of focal lengths rather than kit that has a "specific" purpose.

Next time, perhaps...