Messing with CoolIris

I've been meaning to have a play with CoolIris (previously known as PicLens) for a while now and this thread over in the RedBubble forums prompted me to have a look (mostly because there was a link to the developer information — how could I resist?).

I had a quick read of the information and managed to quickly add the required feed to my Photography by Dave Pearson site (the one I created a short while back as a way of using my RedBubble art list exporting tool). I installed the extension into my copy of Firefox and right away I had a funky 3D wall of my photography on RedBubble.


I then did a little more reading and had a quick play with the "Lite" version of CoolIris. This is more or less a in-browser slideshow tool. That took a little more work (it didn't want to auto-discover the feed so I had to tell it where to look using the feedUrl option) but, soon enough, I had that working too. So far I've tested it in Safari and Opera (on Windows) and it seems to work fine. To see it in action, in a browser that doesn't have the CoolIris software installed, just click on the "Slideshow" option in the menu of my site.

I might have to have a look at adding this sort of feed to my other sites.

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