CoolIris with www.davep.org

Having previously added CoolIris support to my RedBubble wrapper site I decided to go ahead and add it to my main photography site. Because of the way things work over there it took a little more effort but, now, I've got it working:

For those interested in the technical details: I obviously didn't want to create one honking great RSS feed of every photograph on my site, that'd be far too much data moving around all in one go. Thankfully the advanced developer documentation (note: no direct link to the documentation in question — fancy JS tricks are fun for some things but for documentation? Meh!) points out that a feed file can have next and previous links so I could create a feed for each individual album and they could all point to the previous or next albums.

The nice thing about this is when you're viewing an album and you hit the CoolIris button in your toolbar you're taken to the part of the wall that's displaying those images. Then, as you move about, the wall grows in the direction you're moving in, following those previous and next links.

I'm now toying with the idea of adding a MediaRSS feed generator tool to RBArtMan. Extra (X)HTML hacking would be needed to make it all work on people's own sites but it would mean that most of the grunt work would be done for them. I'm not making any promises, it's all down to available time.


  1. Hi Dave,

    Thank you for posting about Cooliris! We truly appreciate it. Also, congratulations on enabling your sites! The images looks amazing in the Cooliris interface, especially your black and whites. We're delighted to hear that you are enjoying Cooliris and we hope your readers will too.

    Interested readers can check out the full spectrum of Cooliris features at http://cooliris.com/demo and please stay tuned for more exciting developments.

    Thanks again,
    Luna and The Cooliris Team

  2. Thanks for your comments Luna.

    I'm really enjoying CoolIris. I wasn't sure I'd have that much use for it initially (other than a fun way of browsing stuff) but, already, I'm finding that it's a much more pleasant way of browsing sites such as Flickr and YouTube and I'm even tending to find now that I'm using it as the way to do Google image searches.

    I'll be interested to see how the software evolves.

    Had many requests for a Google Chrome version yet? ;-)

  3. We do get quite a few requests for a Chrome version even though it hasn't been out that long!

  4. Hi Dave,

    I forgot to note that there is a direct link to the developer's guide. You can find it at

    Hope that helps!

    Luna and The Cooliris Team

  5. Thanks for pointing that out — it wasn't obvious (to me anyway). That makes linking a little easier.

  6. Cooliris is cool... I have used it to view other folk's sites from almost day one. I have thought about installing it on my own server... perhaps I'll get around to it soon.

    Any tips or problems?


  7. Thanks.

    Can't really say there's anything to add to the documentation that CoolIris already supply.