New Site (and a RedBubble hack)

A few days ago I knocked up a quick ruby script for exporting a list of my photographic works on RedBubble. This was, to some degree, a solution looking for a problem.

One "problem" I was toying with was to do something with a domain I recently acquired. Yesterday evening I knocked up some quick and dirty php code and had the start of working site up and running. The site is, obviously, based around an exported list of works from RedBubble and, in essence, is simply a front end of sorts for my RedBubble account.

It still needs some work, it'll probably be an ongoing project but, for now, here's the first version of Photography by Dave Pearson.


  1. Great work Dave - you've beaten us to it! It on our list of things to do in the next few months.



  2. Thanks Peter.

    I take it that "us" suggests that you're this Peter?

    I know I've sort of jumped the gun in a slightly haphazard way but it was too hard to resist. Besides, it was a good excuse to do some ruby and php hacking for fun (and it's always so much more fun when the hacking relates to a passion or a pastime).

    As someone who makes his living from software development I'm enjoying watching RedBubble develop. I've become quite addicted to RedBubble Thursdays (even if they are generally on a Wednesday for me). ;-)

  3. Looks really good Dave, nice job!