New Toy: Lomo Lubitel 166B

Last Monday I took delivery of my new toy, a Lomo Lubitel 166B:

Lubitel 166B (#1)

Bilora Bella 66It's all Tim's fault. A few weeks back he persuaded me to run some film through my Bilora Bella 66 and, after ordering the film and then having a look around at other medium format cameras, and seeing that the 166 is often suggested as a fun entry to medium format photography (not to mention the fact that Tim used to shoot with a Lubitel too), I couldn't resist getting hold of one.

Loss of eBay virginity happened (yes, I really have managed to avoid eBay all these years) and I finally had my new toy:

Lubitel 166B (#4)

The test shoot from the Bilora Bella 66 turned out okay too. Thanks go to Tim for processing and scanning the film.


  1. Cool.

    I have an old 50's Rolleiflex of similar design. It's much fun.

    The only pain is with film and scanning and all.

    I never thought digital would be so much cheaper.


  2. Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. While I'm lucky in that a friend enjoys processing and is happy enough to scan for me (I don't have the equipment to do it), I do love just how inexpensive digital is (after the cost of entry anyway) and how it makes it easier to experiment.

    But film looks... Well, different, in a good way.

    I'm glad I can play with both.

  3. Is processing something that has to be done by a friend who knows what they're doing or can I drop the film into Boots and wait an hour?

    The camera and your first pics look really cool :)

  4. I don't know if Boots still do 120 film, but there are places out there that still do.

    I think Jessops still do for example.

  5. Thanks Dave, you have been a great help, here and on Twitter!

  6. My pleasure. I hope you manage to get hold of one 'cos, given my experience so far, it's a great little camera to own and use.

  7. How much did you get it for on Ebay, if you don't mind me asking?

  8. About £13.00 (plus P&P of course). From what I've been told I was slightly lucky and, often, a good one will generally go for around £25.00 or so.

  9. Yeah, that's reasonably cheap if shipping is added in :/

    Sucks for me because shipping will be a hefty amount since I live in Asia :/