PowerShot G9: First Proper Outing

Last Saturday I took the PowerShot G9 out for its first "proper" outing. We were going shopping in Stamford so it seemed like the perfect chance to try shooting out on the streets.

I'm quite pleased with the results.

As I said previously, being small and fast to start up it's perfect for having close to hand (or, in this case, hanging around my neck) for when you see a shot that's worth grabbing. More than once I found myself faced with a shot I just "had" to "have" and the G9 was there and ready without any messing about. If I'd had the EOS 400D with me instead I'd have probably missed the shots (because, given that it's big and bulky in comparison, I tend to keep it in its case when I'm not actually taking a picture).


  1. For some reason, black & white always does it for me and your shots are really excellent.

    I also like the vanishing point type shot with the woman and child in the foreground. There is a cool vanishing point group on flickr if you haven't seen it already.

    And, really like the decorations in the forground with the church in the background, very nice composition!

  2. Thanks James.

    Re the group on Flickr, do you mean this one? If so, yeah, I'm vaguely aware of it. ;-)