First Roll from the Lomo Lubitel 166B

Lubitel 166B (#1)Yesterday I received the results of the first roll put through my Lomo Lubitel 166B (thanks to Tim for processing and scanning the roll) and I'm very pleased with what I see.

Given that the first roll was a bit of a rush job, done to simply test that the camera actually worked and didn't leak light like crazy and so on, I think most of the images have come out really well. There's a couple of them that really stand out for me and both of them were tests of relatively narrow depth of field:

If I can get these sorts of results from a quick test shoot, done close to sunset (so in failing light), without a tripod or cable release, and with no real "plan" for the shoot, I'm rather looking forward to what I can get out of it with an actual "plan".

I'm also thinking that at least one of the above images would look good as a mounted print:


  1. i got one today . but i don't know how to load film and unload film, can u help me?
    my email wys29@163.com
    thank u so much