Recent Photographs

Some photography happened this last weekend. First off, on Saturday, I found myself sat waiting in a car park in Grantham and I had my PowerShot G9 with me so more shots for my Life in a Car Park series happened:

Life in a Car Park #3

On Sunday the weather was really nice so some time was spent in the grounds of Belton House:

Belton House - 2009-04-19

While I Belton I also ran off a roll of Ilford HP5+ 400 in my Holga 120GN. Hopefully I'll get that processed in the next couple or so weeks.

When we got back home I noticed that the blossom on the pear tree in our garden had gone crazy. That was crying out for a shot with my Lensbaby Muse:

Lensbaby Blossom

Finally, later in the afternoon, I decided to take a walk up to Horbling. Partly because I'd not taken any photographs there, but also because I wanted to go find some more shots for the Evidence theme that I'm also toying with at the moment.


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