Feature in the Grantham Journal

It started a week or two ago. Over on twitter I saw Elizabeth Gordon reply to something written by Kevin Day about how he was going to have an article about his photography in his local paper. I added Kevin to my follow list and, later on, caught the pointer to a photograph of the article.

I got to thinking that this was a good idea — local newspapers doing features on local photographers and/or artists in general — and half seriously mentioned it to @GranthamJournal. I got a reply of "yes" (which surprised and delighted me) and "let's do you first" (which surprised and horrified me, in a good way).

Fast forward to today and this is what I find in the paper:

Grantham Journal 2009-04-24

I'm a little freaked to see a photo of me there, and I think I'd have picked a different selection of images if I'd known that they were all going to be reproduced in black and white but, overall, it's a great article, Bob's written some good text to go with it.

It's the first time I've ever had my work shown off like this. While I've had photographs in magazines before (mostly astronomy magazines) this is the first time I've had my general work shown off. It's kind of nice. :-)

Now I'm looking forward to seeing who else is going to be featured in the series.


  1. Well, look at you - well done and congrats on the local paper feature. :D

  2. congratulations Dave! I've never bothered to try my local paper (in fact I've no idea what my 'local paper' is! I guess we have one!

  3. Woo! Well done! And such a great idea for the paper too.

  4. I'm a little freaked to see a photo of me thereI'm a little bit freaked out by the monster in the corner!!