New Toy: Holga 120GN

Ever since I got my Lubitel 166B this has pretty much been inevitable. It's taken some time, I've managed to resist for quite some time but, last Monday, I cracked and finally placed an order.

I now own a Holga:

Holga 120GN

A Holga 120GN to be precise.

You can pretty much blame it all on Tom Gooding. Last Christmas he got a 120N and I happened to ask him where he'd got it from. He pointed me at Holga Magic. They looked pretty good, had good prices and, given that someone I knew had used them without bother, they also now had good "word of mouth" too.

So I bookmarked them and managed to hold off until last Monday when I finally cracked.

The service from Holga Magic was excellent. Shipped without 2 days of placing the order and arrived a week after I'd placed the order.

Now to find the time to go out and have a play...

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