More Fuji Provia 100F Results

Having had enjoyable results with my first roll I decided to put a second roll of Fuji Provia 100F through the Lubitel 166B.

I finished the roll off the other weekend, while at Belton House, and last Monday I posted it for processing and scanning by my friendly Scottish landscape photographer (thanks Tim!). I got the results back on Saturday and have processed them all over the weekend. The results are as follows:

Mareham Lane Rapeseed

Lone Pylon


Lubitel at Belton House

Lubitel at Belton House - Train Not OperatingLubitel at Belton House - Wild Corner (Lubitel)
Lubitel at Belton House - Lubitel Cricket #1Lubitel at Belton House - Lubitel Cricket #2
Lubitel at Belton House - ClearingLubitel at Belton House - Four
Lubitel at Belton House - Five LayersLubitel at Belton House - The Orangery
Lubitel at Belton House - Fountain

I did suffer some light leakage this time around, especially on the first three frames. The second frame (Lone Pylon) suffered the most, hence the reason I turned it into black and white. Other than that I'm very pleased with the results.

As it turns out, I was so happy with the way that Lone Pylon turned out I've made it available as a print (as part of my series Against the Sky) on RedBubble:

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