The smell of snow

I was born in, and grew up in, York. Somewhere north(ish) of where I lived in York is the British Sugar factory which processes sugar beet. Because of this I always associate the smell of beet being processed with the coming of snow. Even now, even though I don't live in York any more, when it "feels" like it's going to snow I'm certain I can smell beet being processed.

Today, while having a look around DPChallenge, I stumbled on this fantastic long exposure image of the beet factory.

Right now I can smell beet being processed, which makes me feel like it's going to snow.


  1. Heh. I lived barely a couple of miles from that factory but I don't think I have that Pavlovian response - perhaps because it probably only snowed about twice in the whole time I was in York. I do associate the smell of Easingwold pig farm with growing up there, though. :)

  2. Yuck!

    The other smell I associate with York, having had Terry's at the bottom of our street, is Chocolate Oranges.