Fisheye and Flash

After having some fun with the 38mm super-wide lens for my Diana+ I decided, late on last year, to also get the fisheye lens. So far I've not had the chance to use it but I aim to correct that pretty soon.

I mention this because, earlier this week, I took delivery of yet another extra for the Diana+: a flash. Here's the Diana+ with the fisheye lens and the flash attached:

Fisheye and Flash

The flash is rather clever. As well as working on the Diana+ (with it's two-prong connector) it comes with an adaptor for the usual hot shoe connection you find on many cameras. This means it'll work with my Lubitel 166B and, I imagine, my Holga 120GN. I'm also wondering if it'll work with any of my digital cameras too (no, I can't think of a reason why I'd want it to either — but it would look funny).

I'm looking forward to the chance to get to use the flash now.

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