New Toy: Opteka 0.20x Fisheye Conversion Lens

Ever since I got to play with one back in the 1980s (using it on my Zenit 11), I've wanted a fisheye lens of my own. Trouble is, they're generally expensive, especially given the limited use they have.

And then, a couple or so weeks back, while browsing for something else on Amazon, I stumbled on the Opteka 0.20x Fisheye Conversion Lens:

It turned up yesterday and, last night, just as the sun was setting, I managed a very quick walk around the village to give it a quick try:

Opteka 0.20x Fisheye Test

My initial reaction is very favourable. There's very obvious fringing as you move away from the middle of the image (which I expected), but the sweet spot is very sharp and, overall, it's nice and easy to use.

Great little toy that will get more use.


  1. hi thanks for your review.
    could you tell me if you experienced any drop in exposure by using the opteka 0.20X?

  2. Not that I noticed. Although, to be honest, I haven't tested that (or even thought to).

  3. ok thanks for your response!
    i think i'm going to buy one to test it with my 50 1.4, might be interested to see a 16 mm (on a 400D) at 1.4 (or bit more) :)

    i was looking also to try it on my 18-200 sigma, but it's a 72mm and i believe the opteka can take only 52-58mm. would you happen to know if an adapter 52 to 72mm exists? so i could have a kind of fisheye effect?

  4. I'm not aware of such a thing.

    The other option, while not as cheap, might be to look at the new Lensbaby fisheye. It's a complete lens.

  5. thanks Dave for all your precious info!

  6. Anonymous, I would love to hear how it looked on the 50mm 1.4? I am plannign to do the same thing.

    If you have already tried it, please share it with us :)

    All the best!