Trying Tumblr

My friendly Scottish Landscape photographer mentioned to me the other day that he'd been having a play with Tumblr. As normally happens when one of us tries something out, the other has to go have a play too. So, in no time, I created my own Tumblr account.

I've decided to use it as somewhere to "showcase" some of my photographs. Think of it as a mini-blog of personal favourites.

The nice thing about messing with this is that it gave me another reason to make use of the ruby library I wrote a while back for querying my published photographs. Tumblr has a simple API for writing entries so it made sense to write a little command line tool that would post a photograph to the blog. All the command does is it takes the filename of a photograph on the command line, finds it amongst the collection of published photographs, and then publishes an entry for it using nothing more than this code:

Net::HTTP.post_form( URI.parse( BASE_URL ),
"email" => EMAIL,
"password" => PASSWORD,
"type" => "photo",
"source" => image.jpeg_url,
"caption" => caption( image ),
"click-through-url" => image.url,
"tags" => image.tags.join( ',' ),
"generator" => "org.davep.tumblphoto"
} )
Nice! :-)

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