UK Earthquake

Last night I got to experience a relatively rare event: an earthquake in the UK.

This is only the second one I've ever knowingly experienced (and, coincidently, both events have happened while I've been living in Lincolnshire).

I was woken up, just before 0100 UT, and noticed a roaring and rattling noise and then I realised that the bed was shaking too. Given that we live on a route used by large lorries my first thought was that it was a large lorry going past. I then realised it was much stronger (and stranger) than that and came to the conclusion that it was an earthquake. Also, by UK standards, it felt pretty strong.

I got up and had a quick wander around the house to check everything was fine and I then noticed that my ADSL connection had gone down. I got that going again and then went and checked on the USGS earthquake website and, sure enough, there it was.

Currently they're placing the epicentre somewhere north east of Lincoln, not too far from Market Rasen.

The British Geological Survey put it at a 5.2 and give the epicentre a slightly different location (just north of Market Rasen whereas the USGS map places it south of there). They've got PDF file of all the main details.

The European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre also have some information about it.


  1. I was woken by it about 5 minutes later at pretty much dead on 0100 UT, maybe a minute later.

    Initial thoughts were Alien Invasion closely followed by Burglars. When you confirmed in the Tweet World that was really the first time Earthquake had occurred to me.

    We got a fair shake, but I have boxes precariously balanced on cupboards and they didn't fall down, so not too bad really.

    I was just amazed by the general apathy towards it from people I spoke to today.

  2. In contrast: everyone where I work was utterly fascinated by it.

    Although, I do work from home. ;-)