Still space rocking

It's well over a month now and I'm still listening to Knights of Cydonia most days — I just can't stop myself.

As a song it's very derivative, kind of obvious, it has simplistic lyrics but, but, but..... it just works.

And it seems to play well live too:

Given the probable average age of their core following I'm probably in the "dad" bracket in relation to them but I'd still really love to see them live...


  1. I'm an old fogey as far as Muse fans go because I was listening to them back in the days of their first album, and you're older than me... so you're in the "granddad" bracket.

    (Sorry, couldn't resist)

  2. The comments system here really needs a block-list... ;)

  3. It made me think Ultravox meets Radiohead. No bad thing.

    I'm just getting into YouTube. Great to find original Floyd stuff from the 60s plus modern reconstructions such as this: